Week 12- The FINALE ……and also Additional Information….

The final week of lectures….which can only mean… information overload…. to get us students whipped into shape for final projects, end of term exams and life in general (for some of us)!!!

In week 12`s lecture notes we were told little pieces of additional information that would help with our e-publishing,

In this lecture we covered:

  • e-pub=> sigil, calibre and schrivner
  • wordpress.or=> themes and plugins
  • automation=> IFTTT
  1. Epub– is an open source format available for you to publish ebooks. Mostly containing ZIP Files, it is here where the content of the book is stored together. It`s stored as HTML which allows easy access and it is easily manipulated.
  • If you want to create an e-book, SIGIL is an open source programmes thats`s easy to use and also a bonus** it`s free to use.
  • It contains tools to create and change the way your e-book looks.

2.  WordPress.org along with Sigil, Calibre and Scrievener are very useful when its comes to creating, hosting,     editing and explaining online digital publishing

3. Last but NOT least, IFTTT, is a website that allows the user to link and make the most of the internet connections you have laid out. From the connection to an action. i.e being tagged in a photo, to a reaction, i.e that exact photo gets upploaded to dropbox, you are then allowed to create a method which will help you use all aspects of the social media world and online presence to create a successful online presence which is not time-consuming.


Week 11- Social Media

In week 11 we explored the different kinds and aspects of Social Media Tools. In week 11`s lecture we covered

  • The Social media services as promotional tools
  • We learned how to integrate social media with our blogs
  • We learned how to use our blogs as our very own social hubs

Social Media allows two-way communication that allows everyone to have the ability to be the broadcaster and the audience.

Image Source:jeriusbay.com

For the young generation in our world today, Social Media has become one of the most prominent aspects to one`s life. From the inclination of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, people are never without their iPhones, tabs, Androids etc…Social Media has also helped out with Marketing, as there are many ads being liked and shared, to allow widespread (viral) marketing.

Let`s look at some of the msot popular Social Media Sites


  • It’s the number one social media site on the web.
  • “If Faceboook was a country, it would be the third largest”
  • It provides both Business and Personal accounts
  • As previously mentioned it`s great for marketing… The business page can help your to share images, video and updates with your target audience.
  • Personally, I have to admit that I`m addicted to Facebook, whether its catching up with friends in chat or looking through my friends pictures, I love it! Sad to say everytime I pick up my phone, I have to check my page!!
  • Facebook is a great way for socialising, getting to know people or staying in touch with people who live abroad.


  • Twitter is a different type of Social Media, although you have a live news feed and your allowed share pictures, its different as it`s known as micro blogging, you can only create posts with up to 140 characters.
  • You do not have live chat
  • Twitter is better for keeping up with celebrities as they tweet nearly 10million times a day (slight exaggeration) and it also depends on the celeb!
  • On Twitter your more inclined to say what you feel and as many times a day as you want, as it`s a website more so for statuses/updates known as `Tweets` rather than the sharing of photos
  • I have a Twitter page, but personally I don`t use it as much as Facebook.


  • Instagram is simply for sharing photos, whether it`s a picture of what your eating, to a picture of your cat, it goes on Instagram
  • Followers can view, like and comment on your pictures
  • Your pictures can be edited in a number of filters that Instagram provides
  • Instagram also has `hashtag` trending, whatever you ` hashtag` (like Facebook and Twitter) can be viewed by anyone, that searches that specific ` hashtag`.
  • I also love Instagram, as I love sharing pohotgraphs with my friends/followers

Here`s a little video to portray what I said previously about the Inclination of Social Media throughout our World today:


Flaherty, Niall,Unit 11: Social Media Tools Lecture Notes, Dublin, 2014



As I have previously completed a Podcast on my favourite aspect of this module, I have decided to continue on the aspect of Digital Photography for my digital presentation.

I found this digital presentation very time consuming and it took a lot of time for me to become satisfied with my work but eventually I got the hang of prezi.com and all of the navigations. I enjoyed working on prezi.com in the end and I am really interested in the aspect that I chose to discuss. Hope you like it!!


Week 10- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In week 10 we learned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) We learned that by changing the layout content and language we can improve the visibility of a website/webpage in search engine pages. Search Engine Optimization focuses on what people actually type into search engines. From my lecture notes we learned that; HTML supports a number of methods of allowing you to highlight the focus of your webpage, historically through keywords and a written site descriptions (HTML meta-tags. I found this part of the module really interesting as I now undersatnd how search engines work and how they can be optimized during the process of searching on the web.

Image Source: seoindiabizz.com

Source Image: seoindiabizz.com

Week 9- Copyright

In week 9, we learned all about Copyright and property. I learned from my lecture notes that: Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time. To prevent copyright you should always reference and cite your work so you are not making someone else`s work out to be you own. It`s a very serious case in everyday life…

Here is a video on the important basics of copyright…

Week 8- Digital Image Management

For week 8 we had to complete our Prezi Presentation.. As previosuly mentioned in my last blog post, I focused on Photography using the theme of Weddings. I found this project very time consuming but I enjoyed it all the same. I had to look on Youtube for various types of video tutorials as I found some parts of it difficult. My Prezi presentation is ready to vie won my blogsite, I hope you enjoy it

Image Source:www.digitalcameraworld.com

In week 8`s lecture we learned all about Digital Image Management. There are a few types of photo files, like RAW or JPEG. RAW is a source material file that needs to be translated by a program. I don’t have a camera that shoots RAW files, but if you were to become a photographer shooting RAW would be better as the images come out in a very high resolution and quality. Here is a picture to compare the two.. From the picture you can see that RAW shoots a much clearer picture..

Image Source: 10000birds.com


Week 7- Presenatations.


Image Source: Prezi.com

In Week 7 we learned about Presenatations and we were shown differences between a good and bad presentations. We were told that we would be creating our presentations on the software Prezi. However, there are plenty of other software applications that can be used to create presentations such as; Powerpoint, Google Docs and Keynote. For my prezi presentation I focued on Photography and used the theme of Weddings. My Prezi Presenation is available to view on my blog.

Differences Between Prezi and Powerpoint:

Here is a link to a video tutorial on Prezi that helped me when things got complicated: